Birth Rebirth

Easter 2
It’s fun having two countdowns going at the same time. Three really… actually… four.
I like Easter. I always have.
I really like Darrell Lea nougat eggs. In under two weeks I should have my very own egg.
It’s a downside of ministry that many of those big holidays become work days for you. Christmas, out. Easter… usually out…. But this year, I look forward to the possibility of having not only easter off, but three weeks after that too! What a fantastic idea! Holiday time.
But of course, the most important (at least on an eternal scale) is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!
And of course, what better way to celebrate the promise of re-birth, than with the birth of our first child.
Of course, we don’t know if it will come on time.
Anyone willing to place a guess (or a virtual bet) on the due date? How about a name?


5 thoughts on “Birth Rebirth

  1. My money is on Angus Glenfiddich Goldsmith (boy or girl) being born on the 14/04. He/She isn’t allowed to come before then because we’re away on holidays.

  2. I shall bet that he or she will be born on the 17th of April. I have no idea at all what you might name him or her. I’d like Joseph for a boy and India for a girl, but you may go for something like Isabelle. Can’t wait.

  3. Hmmmm, it’s never good to speculate on birth dates, lets hope it’s not overdue… as for names Tim, I’m quite sure you’ve got that under control!

  4. I’m reckoning 18th April… Boy or Girl? Doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s one or the other.. Name? Slartibartfast has gotta be up there surely.. I did a quick anagram search on your names (timshonagoldsmith) to see if there was any chance of an idea, but no – however ‘Moth mislaid thongs’ I though was funny…

  5. Ok, I’m a lousy gambler but I’ll go for the 14th and I think it will be reasonably named – John or Sue perhaps!! Joking, I’m with Mum I’m sure you have a beautiful and appropriate name waiting anxiously for a happy and healthy owner. Love Dad

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