Big Days

God Parents
You’re supposed to slow down as you get nearer to having a baby, but that doesn’t seem to be happening for Shona & I. Friday night was Youth Group as usual. Shona has retired, but I’m still going. It was actually a really encouraging night. We changed things up a bit & I felt it went really well. A good encouragement from 1 John 2 to “Stay the course” in our faith.
Saturday was about Shona catching up with her bestie, Bec (freeing me to visit my favourite chocolate store in the world, [Adora](… seriously, I have eaten chocolate in many of the great nations, but this stuff takes the cake!) then we headed to Hornsby to catch up with Shona’s mum & dad, but even that was a double booking. We also dragged them around the shops looking for cots & other bits of baby paraphernalia.
Of course, the highlight, (pictured above) was the baptism of B. Tim & Dee have been one of the biggest blessings to us since we moved up to the coast, so it was a real honour to be able to be a part of this big day with them & to make some promises of our own on that day.
They are big days.
I have to make sure not to enter that trap, where I see the month that I have off in 5 weeks time as a holiday. I suspect having a newborn child is quite the opposite.


3 thoughts on “Big Days

  1. No Tim,
    Your 5 weeks off going to be anything but a holiday. You’ll catch on quick enough. šŸ™‚ BTW, gorgeous pic you’ve posted on here.

  2. Oh yes, very different to a holiday. I remember though that when we brought our first son home and put him in his cot (he was asleep) we stood there wondering what to do next…we thought surely we have to do something with him, we can’t just leave him alone?

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