From Mankini to Magic

Words cannot describe the horror one feels when browsing Facebook, only to have your eyes assailed by pictures of your cousin wearing only a fluorescent green “mankini” (as made famous by our good friend Borat).
This was part of the manhood ritual known as the Bucks day (Or “Stags party” if you are one of our American friends). What exactly is the point of removing a guy’s clothes & then trying to remove any vestiges of dignity or maturity that a man might possess?
Of course, I don’t blame Nick. I rest assured that the clothing, the activities & the indignities were all envisaged & supplied by his “best men.”
I’ve been thinking…. Is it an attempt to make the metamorphosis more apparent. One week he is protozoic, the next week he is an advanced life form? Or is it just, as the classics say, “his last taste of freedom”? (If that were the case, why would so many bucks days be a matter of a groom having things done TO him rather than BY him?)
Either way, it did make for some interesting photos. I am sure a psychologist will have a field day with the memories I am trying to repress, having looked at them, 10 years from now.
Meanwhile, I need to clear my mind of such stuff…
It’s nice to know that I can focus on Saturday. The day when all those memories are erased in a whirl of white silk (or insert your girly bridal gown fabric name here) and black suit.
Failing that, I have SMBC Graduation to focus on on Sunday…
Failing that, here are a couple of serene pictures I took last weekend, when I helped out with the kids programme at my mate Dan’s church camp.
“Ahhh the Serenity.” Water gently lapping, a boat or two on the lake, and a giant power station whirring away in the distance…. peace, perfect peace!
The Fish
I fish-eyed view of the world at dusk.


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