Commenting on foreign elections.

Once upon a time I might have balked at the idea.
“Why should I comment on their elections? They don’t even know who our Prime Minister is!”
But, of course, that is very ungracious. One has to acknowledge that we are a tiny country of 21-odd million on the “arse end of the world” (to quote a former prime minister, Paul Keating), while they, like it or lump it, are still the most powerful nation in the world & the biggest economic nation.
So, whether we have Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, or even the fat kid from “Hey Dad” as the Prime Minister it doesn’t really change their world, but I think there could be some big changes in ours.
So… on to my comments.
I am happy that Barack got in. I am sure that he has a lot to offer, but I can’t help but wonder how much of our feelings are swayed by media hype.
Could any Australian really outline what any of his policies are?
Could we outline McCains?
Maybe I am getting all “conspiracy theory” in my old age, but I can’t help but feel that lots of society get manipulated. Like[ J-Moff]( noted, there seems to be a real air where you are uncool, or out of touch if you voted for or were pro-McCain.
Whether or not you like the guy, I hope everyone respects his speech after defeat. He may not be the “Cool” choice, but I respect a man who just loses the biggest moment of his life & then openly embraces the new president elect & calls the nation to get behind him & make America great.
Meanwhile, I think the next 4 years should be an interesting time. Has America voted in the best man for the job, or have they voted the most charismatic man? I guess we’ll find out….


2 thoughts on “Commenting on foreign elections.

  1. You make a good point timothy about lack of knowledge of policy.
    I was interested to read in the paper the day after the election that Barack is pro-abortion, pro-death penalty and pro-gay marriage, amongst other things. None of these things seemed to make it to our shores in the hype leading up to the election.

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