I’m not entirely sure what the appropriate way one talks about the death of people they love on their blogs, so I have come up with a little plan…
Firstly, the story.
Last Wednesday afternoon, my Mum’s dad, known to parts of our family as “Bamma,” died at 94. There is limitless rhetoric available about “having a good innings” etc, but that doesn’t mean much to those who wish he were “still in the game.”
Anyway, I don’t really feel like the internet is the appropriate place for me to wax lyrical about Bamma. Some things really are better discussed in relationship, so instead I thought I would blog about a bunch of “Old” things that I have been enjoying recently, in honour of the old man whom I miss muchly….
1: Get the “Old Crew” together….
Daddy & Daughter
All of the family came up for the Funeral on Monday. On Sunday, however, we played. This included one of the “old classic” pastimes of cruising down to the beach, having a walk (and a shoulder ride, and a jump) on the beach, followed by an icecream!
You have to love Australia. Still within the bounds of Winter (I think… or are we just out of it by now? I get confused!) yet it is still nice icecream weather!!
2: Read some “Old” Books…
145 Stories
OK, so they are both new books that I bought, but the Calvin book is (loosely) about Calvinism, which is an old theology. When my friend Bruce pointed this book out to me, I had to have it. The second book is a collection of 145 short stories, compiled (and some written by) Dave Eggers, author of one of my favourite books, [“You shall know our velocity”]( Anyway, I got into short stories because of some Hemmingway and Poe that I’ve read, and they are both old, so it counts too.
3: Old foods.
I had Bible study over at my house this evening, and I enjoy cooking something nice for them. Again, they are new to me, but they are an “old classic” of the cafe scene, the humble [Friand]( These ones were Raspberry & White Chocolate, and went down a treat!
4: The Consumption of Old Drinks
My favourite things?
Actually, it’s not Ardbeg I am drinking, it is “Highland Park,” and it isn’t 10 years old, it is 12, but this was the only photo that I could find in my archives of Whisky. I could have taken a picture of my Highland Park bottle, but you see, the drinking is something that I am about to do, not something I have done, so I didn’t want to waste time.
Whenever I write something like “the drinking” it makes it sound like I plan on knocking back a bottle. Truth be told, I’m just going to enjoy one simple dram as I sit back & enjoy one of my old books.
Sitting, reading & enjoying a nice Whisky fits my “ode to the old man” quite nicely…


4 thoughts on “Etiquette

  1. Yes, I agree with Amy, great post… and as always, great shots on the beach. Friands look pretty good too, who’d a thought you would turn out to be such a good cook?

  2. Hey, Tim.
    Very sorry to hear about your grandpa (sorry, this msg is a bit belated as I was just catching up on your blog after being away). Thinking of you and your fam 🙂 Bec

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