So I survived the 40-hour famine. I have to say that the not eating bit wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. Once you don’t have breakfast, I felt like metabolism just sort of shut down. I didn’t have too many problems with hunger at all. My only real concern was that I like to eat & it is something that I do to break up the time. I would find myself bored & need to find something else to do instead of eat.
Maybe this is good training if the G-dawg wants to drop some kilos?
Of course, I am not saying that the famine was a walk in the park. The big killer, however, was the sleepover. It’s a sad reality in my life that I don’t have the sleep-deprivation stamina that I once exhibited. Come 3am, I was really starting to tire. Actually, I don’t know if it’s the stamina, as much as it is a realisation of other responsibilities & worry about my ability to carry them out.
I needed to work on my sermon on Saturday, then on Sunday I had a kids talk in the morning, followed by sitting in on a baptism class, then off to a reunion lunch, followed by a meeting for the evening church, followed by church itself, followed by dinner with a lovely couple from church. Lots of stuff to have to do back to back, when you’re tired & you don’t get to eat till 9:45 on Sunday morning.
Mother other slight miscalculation was that I thought if I finished my famine at 9:45am, that would be just in time for my kids talk. Unfortunately, I miscalculated it & had 7 minutes to go when my kids talk started. However, the kids thought it was twice as funny that I had brought in all this stuff for my little meal, and then had to sit there staring at it…
Anyway, the one down side to Sundays being a work day is that you get home, feeling like you have survived the week, but there is no weekend buffer before you start the next one. My day off, Saturday, kind of got swallowed up this week, so it’s monday morning & it’s back into the fray!
I guess that is the good thing about working for the church. It’s tiring, but it is nice to really believe in what your doing & not begrudge the little sacrifices that one might have to make to keep things going.
As a brief aside, here’s a pic that I kind of like. It’s a thin slice of kiwifruit held up against the sun.


One thought on “Survival

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t too hard Tim! When I did it as a teenager I always ate lots of barley sugars and often other lollies too. I think one year I even drank meal replacement drinks – what a cheat! I love the photo of the kiwi fruit.

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