It is a long road to redemption when one lets their blog lapse. What might once have been an active and enthusiastic readership is now just web-bots trawling for information & the occasional family member ensuring that I still exist.
Still, I do mean to get back into the swing of things here on I know that when I am in full-swing, it is a great avenue to encourage me to be creative. I need to think outside the box!
Of course, I get to do that lots with work! We’re making some changes at the morning service at church, which means I get to do kids talks every week (I really love doing kids talks. It just feels natural) I will be preaching once a month in the morning (to supplement my preaching every second week in the evening) and I will be trying out some “Culture Spots” once a month too. Just an idea pilfered from my days at SMBC.
Creativity is a funny thing, when you’re using that side of the brain, things just start coming more naturally. When you ignore it, it ignores you! I’ve been using certain parts of my creative brain, but other parts I have been ignoring & they’ve slowly moved toward an atrophic state. Time to stretch those muscles.
Anyway, photography is another of those muscles I need to continue to stretch. Here’s a couple of pictures of new, and a couple of old…
The eyes“The Look”
Fliss & Andy got married a couple of weeks ago. I think she may have been joking with this look, but I think it’s a classic!
The Dance
The bridal Waltz? Not the way I remember it!
Lord's Prayer Sermon
J-Moff has used the “Wordle” thing before, so I thought I would “Wordle” the sermon I did the other week on “Our Father” the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer…
Newcastle Brown
Finally, it has been a long time since I posted a shot of beer. It used to be a regular occurrence. This is taking things back to 2004. A fine beer to enjoy in Edinburgh at the “Monster Mash” Restaurant. Itself a fine establishment!


3 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. It’s been a long time between drinks but I’ll keep reading, especially if you keep posting pics of beer.
    mmm… beer

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