A week away

On Monday week, I will have been married for a year!
Dang it, that’s gone fast!
Boy things have changed in the intervening time. Different jobs for both of us, different suburb, and even different city to live in. I’m done with my study (or at least the Bible College study) and we’re in a whole new world of experience on the coast.
With this in mind. It’s great when you have a chance to spend time with the ‘old crew.’ I haven’t had a chance to catch up with some of my crew recently. Matt, Cate & Kirt, being big examples, but a couple of weeks ago we did get to catch up with some of Shona’s nearest & dearest.
It was great to spend some time with Felis and Andy, who are moving, daily, closer to their big day of transformation (i.e. their wedding) as well as Dave & Sim. Andy added another life-changing experience to my list, when I ENJOYED a vegetarian lunch! I know, I’m shocked too! (Mum, don’t have a heart attack)
(The vege meal in question… Haloumi is nice!)
Of course, the day was much sweeter, being able to link up with some serious cupcake action from some mini-cupcake store in the city. Cute & tasty!
OK, so there is nothing serious to this post. I had an idea about a week ago for something big I wanted to write about, and now I am trying to remember what it is! That sucks!


3 thoughts on “A week away

  1. Next time we hang out I’m going to make sure you take some photos otherwise we’re never going to make it onto the blog!

  2. I’m almost hyperventillating! but I must say, it looks delicious! Imagine, there was a time when you wouldn’t have eaten ANYTHING on that plate! I guess there is hope for everyone!

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