Signs of a good night

You know that youth group has been had when there is both blood & vomit on the floor by the end of the evening (unfortunately, carpet!).
Friday night was an exciting time. We had just had dinner and were playing a silly game whilst some of the kids finished their ice creams, when J tripped over & bumped his head on either a door hinge or a chair leg. I asked him if he was OK & he said yes. Then, as he ran his head through his hair, it came out with a fair bit of blood.
There ended up being an impressive amount of claret on the the floor, in a lovely pattern heading toward the bathroom. The drain in the bathroom was handy, to wash away the small pool of blood that collected there.
In the end, only three stitches were needed. head wounds are always a killer because they bleed like nobodies business! Fortunately Mr & Mrs J have a bunch of kids, so they were very cool about the whole thing. It just happens…
Encounter two happened when we played my new favourite game “Pass of Play.” Basically it involves giving someone a giant dice & asking them to “Pass or Play.” If they pass, then they don’t have to roll the dice & they can just sit & watch. If they play, they have to roll the dice & then eat the food that corresponds with the number they rolled. Some foods are good. Chocolate, Starbursts, etc. Some, not so good. On friday it was the Artichoke heart that got the vomit response, though the pickled ginger also seemed to come close.


2 thoughts on “Signs of a good night

  1. Artichoke hearts prompted vomit? They’re great! I wish I’d been there! You poor thing though…. having to clean all that up!

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