The Good word

Dale Ralph Davis
Last week’s preaching conference was pretty intense, but it was also great.
I went in expecting that “The Don” would be good, but Dale Ralph Davis was a surprise. I’ve heard the name, I know he’s a smart guy, but he was AWESOME as a preacher.
I’d love to put up some notes from some of the sermons, but I might wait till I get the tapes & I get to listen to them again.
In other news, it is a bit “same ole same ole” at the moment. Lots of work preparing for the wedding. Lots of work preparing for sermons. Lots of work preparing for essays. Lots of work preparing for exams. 7 months & I am done with college though!
Here, have a pic of Mandy. I get to photograph her wedding on Dec. 1st!


3 thoughts on “The Good word

  1. ok, so ive probably said this to you a number of times…
    but i just love the way you take portraits dude!!
    wow! 7 months til done with college!!
    Do u know where you’ll be headed once you’re done yet??

  2. Couldn’t miss the oportunity to hear the Don myself, I went on the Thurs night. He was good, not surprisingly. Wish I couldve gotten to the rest of the conference too actually, seemed like it would’ve been excellent!!

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