Sick little puppy

It is going to be a little bit lean over the next week or so. My poor compy hasn’t been feeling the best & I had to put him in for a service (what? It even happens to Macs? Yes! Macs too!).
Fortunately, he was able to hold on until after I managed to finish my theology essay. We have preaching conference over the next week, so what that means for me is that I get to spend my time doing readings for my final two essays. I’m looking forward to them both actually. One is a comparison of the structure of John with the Synoptic gospels with a focus on how John’s distinctives accord with his purpose in writing. The other one I can’t really decide on. Maybe I should do a bit of an online poll? You, yes you, could be involved in my theological education!
So, what do you thinik? Should I write an essay for my “Theology of Missions” subject on
“Religious dialogue in the context of interaction with other faiths” or,
“Establishing the boundary between contextualisation and syncretism”?
They are my top two choices out of seven options. Now you may have a chance to help me decide!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things are just plugging along happily I guess. Wedding prep is coming along nicely. Today is my little brother Phil’s birthday, so Shona & I get to head out to “Lee’s Lotus Inn”, a chinese restaurant in Wahroonga, the suburb I grew up in as a kid, with all the family to celebrate. Even Amy is up from Wagga Wagga, though her hubby & kids are still there.
Preaching tomorrow morning at 8:45 and really looking forward to it, though I need to go through the sermon a couple more times if I am going to “make it mine”. Then it is off to a “menu tasting” at my reception venue with my parents & Shona’s parents. First time they have meet!
OK, you know, this is a really boring post. I might have to see if I can find a little time during the next week to actually sit down & type something worthwhile.
Meanwhile, know that even though I am not writing. I am thinking about you all!


4 thoughts on “Sick little puppy

  1. oo I pick “Religious dialogue in the context of interaction with other faiths”
    …so if we vote, does that mean we get to read it once its done…id like to see the results of my input into your education 😉

  2. Poor little compy – maybe it’s time to get yourself that new 24 inch flat screen iMac that you so clearly deserve. Although don’t let Shona know I said that. As for the essay topics, I’d go for the ‘religious dialogue’ one, only coz I’m a little hazy on the definition of syncretism!

  3. Ahhhh! Lee’s Lotus Inn. They use to have a dish called “Crispy Spicey Beef”; my favorite chinese dish of all time. Nobody in the U.S. has anything like it. Maybe I’ll get back some day.

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