So, last weekend, we had Revive come and play at church not once, but twice!
It’s always nice to see the boys & it is particularly great to see how they are just going from strength to strength in terms of their songs & their performance! It’s pretty cool to hear about how they got to open for “Third Day” a couple of times. I am sure if they make it to the US (and therefore to a legitimate Christian market) they will big be big!
And when that happens, I will be the one seeking vicarious fame as I claim “I knew them when” or “I beat two of them at virtua tennis so emphatically that I suspect they will never play again”.
Sunday night’s gig was cool & it is was an interesting night for me too. Fergus & I decided fairly last minute that it might be best to change the passage that was being preached on (James 5 is a bit full on, especially when you are hoping to have lots of people come for the band) , so on the Friday evening I started writing a first person narrative from Thomas’ perspective, based on John 13-20.
I was quietly soiling myself with nervousness. That concern increased when, with 2 minutes before the service my powerpoint wouldn’t work. Fortunately, thanks to the cool head of Fergus, and his always-able son “Juniour Burger”, we were able to resurrect the computer & breathe new life into powerpoint.
The narrative went really well. I did it almost without notes, and am sure enough that with enough prep I could do it totally so next time. I got good feedback too, so that was appreciated.
Here are a couple of pics from the friday night.
The Crew!
Dave takes it up a notch.
Thomo gives me his best Gene Simmons impression.


One thought on “Revive

  1. haha those guys make me laugh!
    hmm my claim to fame? Well, apart from the fact they all came from my church, how bout the fact that i took the drummer to my yr 11 formal!
    haha good times!
    go revive! they really do rock in the ministry they’re so faithfully carriyng out hey!
    well done on the narrative dude!
    hope college is treating u well too!

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