Auld Reekie

Auld Reekie is another name for Edinburgh.
I really love that city.
I have this little dream of moving back there, or maybe into country Scotland in the future!
Did I mention that I am going there for my honeymoon?
What a sweet deal! Shona’s sister & bro-in-law (Hi Maret & Tim, Charlotte & Will) moved there a couple of weeks ago, cause Tim got a job there. Unfortunately They wont be able to make it back for the wedding because of their two young kids, so, Shona & decided to bring things to them! (thanks to some assistance)
So, July 1 it is back to Auld Reekie for a week, followed by a week through the highlands & lowlands of Scotland & then topped off with 4 days in Paris! Let’s hope that Shona doesn’t read this, so I can get away with saying “think of all the great photos I’ll be able to take over there!!!!”
Meanwhile, it is full steam ahead at college & Church. We’ve got Revive coming to play at Youth Group on friday. I am preaching on Sunday, plus there is the usual load of assignments (I finished an essay 4 whole days early!) and a mountain of prep for Mission which is in a week and a half!
I’ll still try & blog at least once before I go.
Meanwhile, here are a couple of old pictures of Scotland. So much to look forward to!
Doune Castle
Doune Castle, near Stirling is the place where they shot 3/4 of “Monty Python & the Holy Grail”
Playing in the back yard.
This is a little house just before you reach Glencoe. Imagine having a back yard like that!
The Clava Cairns are 6000 years old! Lovely looking things.


3 thoughts on “Auld Reekie

  1. TG,
    We’re absolutely wrapped to know that you’ll be in this hemisphere for a while and are looking forward to the possibility of seeing you both.
    I totally understand the love of the motherland – a country full of history, mystery, and beauty…cool accents too!
    God bless,

  2. Hey Tim!
    Dude, I always think of you when people mention Scotland! haha Thats exciting brother…id say enjoy, but i know you will anyway hehe…
    If you get the chance it might be cool to read a post bout mission… whats the plan, who its for, etc!?!
    Hope to catch up soon!
    In Him,

  3. Hey Tim,
    What a wonderful plan for your honeymoon! I’m going to be in Edinburgh at the beginning of August for a conference. I’m quite excited – my first time in Scotland!

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