The Boys House

(Bairdy & the Hamborghini sinking a “Bluetongue” to the view of the Hunter Valley)
The walk down Memory Lane continues.
Boys house circa-2001/02 was good times. Of course, it moved on & so did we. However, in July 2004 a little over half of us found ourselves up at the Hunter. We drank good wine, had good chats, played pool & just chilled. One day we even made it up the mountain behind my Aunts place to enjoy a good view & some great beers.
I’m not going to say it was a life changing experience. I don’t remember any profound conversations, or even comments that changed my life from those days, but that’s OK. You don’t need to have depth of meaning flowing from every moment of your life. Sometimes it’s just fine to have a great time with some awesome guys.
Cheers to the Boys House Boys!


One thought on “The Boys House

  1. Goldy Dawg,
    Good times indeed. Looking at the picture now, it looks a touch Brokeback mountain.
    I guess we should be suspect about the muso types.
    To Goldy & all the dawgs out there Miss y’all.

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