I took about 200 portraits today. All pictures for the Student Handbook (which we call the “Dating form guide”). Not the most creative of endeavours, because they all have to be head shots, they all have to be straight on & no one is allowed to pull faces or anything like that.
Still, it was OK fun & it is a good opportunity to get to meet everyone & stuff. I do appreciate how heavy my camera is, though, once I have had to hold it up for 4 hours. I also appreciate how gutsy some of my subjects are, given their dislike of cameras & the inordinately large size of my camera.
Anyway, I think I will keep all of these pics for the form guide & treat you, dear reader, to a couple from Camp. I have a “Whole of Camp” shot & a great (at least I like it, thought I am not sure why so much) diving shot from just after midnight on New Years eve.
OK, time to start cleaning up portraits…
The Crew
Take a dive...


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