It was wrong of me not to post about my time staying at Phil & Kristin’s over the last month. I guess I was thinking about the places I went out to, rather than thinking about the awesome thing it was to be able to come back to somewhere during my travels.
It’s a great thing to have siblings who look after you, and always an encouragement when your inlaw siblings prove to be as generous in spirit as the flesh and blood ones!
Of course, I also treasure any chance I have to spend time with my little Charlotte too! Of course, now I have to be careful, since I have two 2 year old Charlottes (courtesy of Shona’s sister & Bro-in-law Maret & Tim) that I get to dote on. Twice as cute….
Well, our photos for the evening have nothing to do with what I am posting about.
No.1 I meant to put up some time ago. Here is my sis, her husband & their three kids, plus me real dad! (I insert the term “real” to aid the possible confusion of those who might remember previously posted pictures of a bearded guy, who is also my Dad…). This shot was taken just before Christmas. It was good to see that Dad’s youngest grandchild took to him like a duck to water!
The second pic is… well, it’s just a tree… Do I need a reason?
Currently enjoying 1) Black and White, and 2) vignetting…..


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