City Lights

So last night I met up with Dave Mac to take some photos. We met on top of the Gladesville Bridge to take some city shots but got denied by the protective fence that keeps people from jumping & photographers from getting their lenses pointed at the city. In the end I was balancing on top of the barrier that separated me and 7 lanes of angry 7:30pm traffic just so I could get something near a decent shot. The picture of the city below is the best I could do, and even then it needed a fair bit of cropping work to make it come together.
Best viewed large on Black.
After that, we headed to a place on Parramatta Rd. that D-Mac claimed was the best place in Sydney for Doner Kebabs. Now, I consider myself a bit of a kebab connoisseur, so this was a bold claim, but D-Mac was vindicated! The right amount of hummus, good quality tabouli, great meat… It took me to my special place! To top it off, on our way out the owner gave D-Mac & I a bit of seasoned lamb shoulder that he had been cooking over coals. Oh dude… cooked shishkebab style, this thing was so tender and tasty that it would have brought a tear to a glass eye!
Lets just say that ye-olde Goldydawg will be heading back to try it again when in it’s complete glory as an “Adana kebab”.
On from there to take pictures of ANZAC bridge (a bit of an old faithful), then all of a sudden we realised it was quarter to 11 so we called it a night & headed home.
I definately need to spend more time taking photos. Maybe in 2008 when I am done with college?
The footbridge at the Western foot of the ANZAC Bridge


3 thoughts on “City Lights

  1. Tim, I LOVE that shot of the ANZAC bridge!!
    Ive decided i definately need to take more photos too…we really gotta get onto our next photo expedition dude! 🙂

  2. i know everyone thinks they know the best kebab place around, so i won’t claim that i do… but have you ever been to fatima’s on cleveland st (in surry hills, just after the intersection with elizabeth st)? none of this eternally turning meat rubbish – when you order your kebab, a skewer of the meat of your choice is removed from its marinade and grilled while you wait before being covered in homemade hummous and rested in its delicious little bed of salad and tabouli. i used to walk 25 minutes from chippendale just to get one!
    oh well, best start cleaning up this little puddle of drool before it shorts out the keyboard…

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