OK, the story about the picture is that it is the MLC building in the city, looking through a staircase.
The reason why I have picked it to go on the blog is because I think it looks a little like a toilet seat.
And the reason why I would want to have a toilet kind of theme is because I heard that JT’s laptop got stolen from his car last Sunday night, while we were in church. Having had mine stolen last year, I know it feels like your whole life has been flushed down the toilet when you are a full-time student and some absolute punk steals your laptop!!
I’m not going to claim that stealing from a church is in any way more wrong than stealing from anyone else, but it does suck when we got broken into 4 times last year, so we got all this security stuff, then all of a sudden it is cool to break into our cars during a service!
I’m more than a little annoyed by it!


3 thoughts on “Flush

  1. Cheers Goldy, nothing like knowing your brothers have gone through the same struggles you are (1 Pet 5:9).
    Thankfully insurance should kick in and I backed it up to our home computer a little while ago, so I won’t have lost much. AND people are usually pretty good with sharing around electronic notes at College, so I shouldn’t ave too much on there that I can’t get back. Praise God!
    Sure it’s annoying, but at least they didn’t take my shoes – they’re my favourite pair!

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