Beams of light.

I was in my room & as I was working through getting citations for some of my journal articles, I put on one of my fave classical pieces, part of the Nutcracker suite called “Pax intrada”.
When I heard a noise behind me & I looked around, there was the dean of men & one of the third year students. My first thought was “was I swaying or doing something stupid to the music? Should I anticipate mocking?”, but as it turns out, they had both heard the music & were just standing there to enjoy it. Once I hit pause they wanted to know what it was, expecting it to be Mahler or something more obscure. They were both a little surprised to find out that it was simply Tchaikovsky:. Pierre (the dean of men) told me how little he liked Tchaikovsky: (which apparently is the “gossip paper” of the classical world. Easy to read & a little too common), and this pushed us into a conversation about the difference between looking at a beam of light & looking through it.
Where did the light thing come from? It was because Pierre had reminded me of a great little story of C.S. Lewis’ (“Meditation in a tool shed”) where he talks about looking at a beam of light & thinking it was beautiful, golden, holding little particles of dust, but when he stood & looked through the light, he saw beyond the shed at lovely green leaves outside & several million miles beyond that, the sun beating down… I claimed that Pierre was looking AT Tchaikovsky: rather than along him…
Anyway, it was just one of those fun little conversations that then pushed into other philosophical questions. The nature of reality & modern thought… These are the little things that make me happy, particularly, make me happy to be at college & living in a dorm full of interesting people!
They came out of their rooms to listen to a piece of classical music.
They stayed to ponder the deeper questions in life.
How good is that!


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