We Can't Cook!

Actually we can, dinner last night was pretty awesome.
Dinner last night was also held in a little shelter, huddled around a portable camping stove. Pasta in a cream sauce with tuna, followed by chicken soup (entree & main course were back to front because we forgot about the soup) with Chocolate & peaches for desert & then a rye whisky and ginger ale as a digestive!
I guess the title should really say “We can’t SEE Mt. Cook”. We arrived in the afternoon, set up the tents, the boys went for a short walk & then the rain set in.
I found the public shelter, so we all swung over there, cooked dinner, had a couple of casual drinks & spent the night playing “Emperor and Scum”. It really was an awesome time!
I’m a little bummed that we couldn’t see Mt. Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. I was also bummed that I missed out on photographing the famous turqoise lakes that surround, but I’m over it. I have many good photos from the last week anyway, and it is OK to give up a couple of photos if it means spending quality time with three mates, a small fire making impliment & duty free liqour!
This evenings blog was brought to you from a public library in Christchurch! Tomorrow it is a flight to Aukland! Things are only going to get more exciting!


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