It's a funny word.

Adventure is a funny word. FOr so many, to feel like they are really adventurous means going somewhere where no one has gone before. THere aren’t too many places like that left, so I figure you might as well settle for doing something that sounds pretty cool to you.
When I was in Scotland, my big goal was to reach the top of a proper mountain. Though frustrated on several occasions, I achieved the goal & it was cool. I was an adventure dude! In NZ the big goal has to reach the summer snow line. I thought it might have been a bit too lofty a goal (no pun intended), but I found myself with the chance just days ago at the top tunnel entrance to Milford Sound.
I pulled aside because the tunnel that runs straight through a mountain was currently running in the opposite direction. As I looked out over the amazing vista (photos to come) I looked out across a valley of broken rocks & spied an amazing waterfall. At the foot of the fall was the holy grail, a big spot, maybe a hundred meters square of beautiful white snow!
OK, my right leg aint in the best working order & my ankle in particular has a reputation for twisting, breaking, dislocating etc. but as I was faced with this opportunity/challenge, I couldn’t allow such doubtful thoughts to creep in.
I was off.
40 minutes to scramble over to the snow. Hard work, up hill, but I made it!
Of course, only one hour ago I had been low enough in elevation that I had been surrounded by steamy ferns and the like, so that meant I was wearing my Teva sandals. Cool sandals, comfy sandals, good for climbing rocks in, NOT so good for standing in snow in.
I got some pictures though… very cool.
36 hours later, I have picked up the boys from the end of their walk (succesful, no injuries, high spirits) driven them to Milford Sound & then we have all driven back to Queenstown enroute to Mt. Cook this afternoon!
I wont say this will be my last post for a week & a half, but I wont make any promises I can’t keep either!


3 thoughts on “It's a funny word.

  1. Wow that’s quite a trek to find some snow! I just have to walk outside!! In fact it’s snowing right now – big pretty fluffy white flakes!

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