“Living in the moment”. A lovely post-modern kind of phrase. I’m not doing it too well right now. My body is firmly in the present, but my mind is somewhere around 9:30PM on November 21st.
I’m looking forward to being done with these exams. I’m looking forward to being extravigant with my leisure time. I can’t wait to wake at 10am, look across at the clock & then decide to go back to bed.
I’m also looking forward to some pretty fun social events. Any pretense of being able to call myself a “young adult” will be gone mid-November, when the big Three Oh hits.
My brother (in Christ) Timmy D. marries Christy in December, so that means New Zealand for the wedding! That also means a couple of weeks of driving around NZ & checking out what there is to be checked out…
I’m looking forward to reading when I want to read. Maybe getting back into the beach. Being able to hang out with the dudes at church.
And sleep, blessed sleep.
I miss sleep most of all…
“Leisure is a quality of spirit, not a quantity of time” → Eugene Peterson


4 thoughts on “Leisure

  1. Hang in there Timbo, you will make it. If I could make it to NZ then you can get through your exams 🙂
    You HAVE to go zorbing when you come here!

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