Key LIme

Cool gift
So my love of certain aspects of American culture is documented. I love the burger joint & I once wrote about the Plethora of options available to the burger connoisseur. I am pretty sure I also posted a picture of some “Stewarts Key Lime Soda” that we had, whilst hanging out at a cafe in Kansas City.
This is a conversation I also had with some of the “Cedarville Singers”, a group from Cedarville Uni in Ohio, who came to my church (and some others) to do mission. It was also a conversation, apparently, that Lyndell remembered, resulting in a 4-pack arriving on my doorstep today!!!!
It turns out that Lyndell had a friend coming to Melbourne, so she gave the bottles to her & got them to post them from here (It would be WAY too costly to do it from the US). MOST impressive!!!
And also most tasty. 1 down, three yet to enjoy…..
Thanks Lyndell, and also Chrissy who I think I neglected to thank formally on my site when the two of you sent me some goodies earlier.
Reciprocity shall be exacted!
Wasting time with key lime


6 thoughts on “Key LIme

  1. We had some Floridians who were living in Sydney over for a lunch and they made us Key Lime Pie with Key Limes they had sent over! (Must have got through customs somehow…) That’s how I knew about them 🙂
    It was very yummy! BTW, they aren’t totally like normal limes.

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