He was not just a Monk!

The brave new world continues.
Up at 8am. I know, that is shocking, but it was all worth it. Eggs Benedict (see title) is a joyous thing, and when it is made with your parents free range eggs (the parents own the eggs, but chickens made them…. 😉 then it is all the better.
I didn’t sleep so well last night. I only had myself to blame. I always liked to tell myself that I was immune to such things, but I realised that the half a litre of diet-coke that I consumed at about 11 probably had something to do with my anability to achieve some kind of sweet repose. That said, the night was sweet nonetheless. Rain, that half distant memory, the old, almost forgotten friend, came knocking and decided to spend the even chattering away outside. I slept with the door open. Listening, smelling, drinking it in. It’s not just the rain, but the countryside too!
So, I was up at 8am. I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast. How does one top such a lovely morning. Well, Rog had arranged to go on a tour of the local coal mine. I took mum’s place, cause she is a bit claustrophobic (and because she loves her son & is exceptionally generous), so by 12:30 I was eating a free lunch, by 1pm I was being instructed on the use of my head lantern & the emergency breathing apparatus, and by 1:30 I was 3km down a tunnel and a couple of hundred meters underground!
Dark? As pitch!
Cold? Not really.
Dirty? You betcha! I didn’t get “Zoolander” dirty, but if I were actually to have done some work down there, I am sure I would have been.
Fascinating? Definately! To see a machine that is 260 meters wide, that sheers off 1m wide sheets of coal at a time, well that is just cool.
Other news? There isn’t a great deal of that. It is too wet to really take any outdoor pictures & I have spent enough time here at home before, that there is not really a great deal I want to shoot here. I have neither the time, not the inclination to go wine tasting by myself.
It is fun being here. It is nice to be reminded of how much your parents love you (did I mention my fave “Chunky Chilli” for dinner, along with the promise of Mushroom soup next week?) and to have some “down time” too.
Back to Sydney tomorrow afternoon. Off to a concert with, what I hope will be some youth group kids. My mate Dave said he might get me backstage, so I can be his bands photographer!
And the weekend? Who knows what possibilities lie there!


4 thoughts on “He was not just a Monk!

  1. Zoolander! “I’ve got the black lung pop.” cough, cough.
    That movie is hilarious.
    About the diet coke. Its a sad fact of getting older, that caffiene will affect you. 😦

  2. Sound’s like you’re having a good holiday! Can’t wait until mine start at 5pm today! And speaking of photos…..

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