Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Holidays are good.
Today I woke up at 11:53. Par for the course for some people *cough,cough,Michaela* but a LOOONG sleep for me!
I’m not acheiving too much in the holidays, but that is just fine. So far I visited my grandparents, spent some time at church, went to my nieces birthday party & drove up to the Hunter Valley. Today I intend to drink a little wine, play a little pool, eat a little lunch, read a litte book (Balzac, or a biography on Master Robert Bruce… I haven’t decided), study a little Greek, before I have a little sleep!
Yes, holidays are good.
First birthdays totally get the most presents!


5 thoughts on “Happy Happy, Joy Joy

  1. Hey now, I’ve been getting up around 8am on a fairly regular basis, thankyouverymuch, when I haven’t been getting up at 6am for class!!! So don’t be givin me an even WORSE reputation!
    But hey, you still have two more years, and I’m done! TaDAOW! (Or, I will be, as of tomorrow.)
    (Except that after July I’ll have to go be an adult or something now. Sheeesh.)
    By the way, my Mom is coming to see me next Wednesday. Hurrah!

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