Fractured perspectives

Cam has an almost Jamiroquai look to him.
Tim & Christy
Tim & Christy. Everyone saw “Awwwww” with me!
Many moods of Dan
“Never so lonely as when you’re in a crowd?” Dan gives his night a moments thought.
Take that!
With a Palm this good, you know we have a future footballer in the makiing!


3 thoughts on “Fractured perspectives

  1. That photo of Cam is great!
    Just a note to say – I’m sure you already know this! – but Don Carson is giving lectures at the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney the 8-12 Aug!

  2. Hi,
    I’m Bonnette, Christy’s sister…just wanted to say thanks for the photos from the adventure you guys had the other night they were very cool and much appreciated!

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