Up and coming.

OK, well straight off the bat, I have to tell you that you need to go & visit my friend Shannyn’s website. She just started it yesterday. Shanoonie leads Youth Group and Youth Church with me & is good value, so everyone has to be nice to her.
Other news…
I had a really fun night on Tuesday night. Tim D, Christy, Jody & I headed OTC (Over the Bridge) to visit Ball’s Head Reserve, before going for icecream and then visiting the Harbour Bridge down at Kirribili. It was a fun time of good chats & just hanging out & seeing a bit of Sydney.
Chillin with the crew
The two Tim’s working it “Gangsta Style”. Yeah, we know, we look pretty bad-ass
The most exciting part of my week came up last night though. My best friend in Scotland was a girl called Caroline. I didn’t think I would get to see her again in forever, her being Swedish and all, but when I got an email last week, I found out she was in Sydney!!! (Three exclamation marks!)
So last night we got to catch up for the first time in ages. We went & had beer and dinner at the Lowenbrau where my dorm-buddy Dan works, then went for a walk before we went & hung out at my local pub for a bit with Jody.
Anyway, it is always an awesome day when you get to see someone you didn’t expect to see. Now, the trick is going to be avoiding all of these cool people while I try & knuckle down & get some proper work done. Exams in only a couple of weeks!
Caroline and I
Caroline & I at the Lowenbrau


4 thoughts on “Up and coming.

  1. Cool pics as usual. I saw them the other night on your Flickr page but didn’t notice the ‘Goldy Dawg’ on your shirt!!! I hope someone else bought it for you though…

  2. Hey Timbo,
    Thanks for plug for my blog, still needs a lot of work though. I’m stoaked to hear that you met up with Caroline.
    Love the shirt too by the way, looks just as good in photos as in real life.

  3. Phil: I bought the shirt for myself. I LOVE it!
    Shanoonie: THanks
    Kristoni: Caroline is here for about another month and a half. Good times!

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