One week on

OK, so I have survived a week without my computer, but I am feeling the pain! Not being able to do essays. Not being able to listen to music in my room, not being able to watch DVDs, stuff like that all sucks!
Well, there are other things in life to think about anyway.
This last week has been “Preaching COnference” week at and it has been a lot of fun. David Jones spoke each day on different parts of Matthew 13. I would love to put up my notes @ some time, but they are not with me, so you get a repreive.
Gary Miller, from Ireland, spoke on preaching the OT & there were a bunch of other talks that happened too. I particularly enjoyed the lectures on “Preaching Leviticus” and “Preaching in a post-modern world”. GOod times!
SO much more to write, but so much reading to do for my Church History essay, so that comes first.


5 thoughts on “One week on

  1. I know what you mean about missing your computer. I do so much on mine, and when I don’t have acess to it and the internet my world is turned upside down.

  2. David Jones is such a great speaker, you are so lucky to be able to hear him talk for 5 days, I heard him at a Katoomba convention once. You definately have to put up some notes.

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