Impotent Rage

I’ve always craved for an artistic outlet.
I love music, but have neither the patience or talent to play anything well.
Painting or drawing? I love them too, but I don’t have the deft touch required.
Poetry is another thing I love. Maybe one day I will write something that’s OK. Who knows?
I love taking photos. I take a lot of them & some people think that some of the are fairly good.
Like Eric Liddell in “Chariots of Fire” I feel God’s pleasure when I capture something in a unique way, even if I am only catching a dim shadow of what we look forward to in heaven.
Today my laptop was stolen from a locked hall at my church.
FOrtunately, I have a fair whack of photos backed up, but I have lost at least 3 months worth of pictures, some of which were realy favourites!
I’m thankful that I didn’t loose my cameras too, but it is still a mind numbing blow. All of my emails from up to 5 years ago, archived from my old computer. Letters, pictures, documents, memories, gone.
How do I tell friends, who I took wedding pictures for (thankfully not the primary photographer) and who I planned to give framed pictures as a gift to?
Well, there are so many questions and tonight I feel devoid of answers. I just thought I would let you know why this little page might be a little quiet while I sort this out.


11 thoughts on “Impotent Rage

  1. how low can you go?
    “what’s more chickenshit than fucking with a man’s powerbook? i mean, don’t fuck with another man’s powerbook. it’s just against the rules.”
    bad news. hope you get it sorted soon. shoot me a mail if you need a hand with anything.
    “boy, i wish i could’ve caught him doing it. i’d have given anything to catch that asshole doing it. it’d been worth him doing it just so i could’ve caught him doing it.”

  2. Tim, that’s just too awful for words! I do hope the Church was covered by insurance… it should be and I wouldn’t hesitate to make a claim… guess all Christians are not Christian. Talk soon, love, MUM

  3. I’m just wondering how Chris really feels about this 🙂
    That’s bad news Tim. It would be wonderful if there had been some mixup like you were saying on the phone and it turned up again. However, as you also said, I guess anyone could have come onto the grounds and taken it too…

  4. Yeah, well we basically know it wasn’t anyone from church. It is pretty frustrating. Funnily though, since coming back to college I have heard that Churches are a really common target to hit!
    Oh well.

  5. Hey Timbo,
    Lots of prayer for you and your computer, you never know right. Also a big mental/ computer hug, I hate it when people just think that they can knock stuff off and it wont be any problem for the person whos stuff they are taking.
    Pookie 🙂

  6. Kristin had said “How low can you go?” well, there are people who steal from the maternity ward, or even from the ER section of hospitals. The other day they found a guy dead by the side of the road with what appeared to be injuries consistent with a motorbike accident… but no motorbike, someone had seen him and stole the dead mans bike. Low

  7. Wow.
    That sucks beyond imagination. I’m sorry to hear that.
    Let me know if I have anything stored on here that you want me to send to you (though if it’s been three months, I probably don’t….but the offer still stands).

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