These days

I wont explain how I did it, not will I promise that I can do it again, but I got my computer online for a couple of minutes, so here is just a couple of pictures from the Easter weekend.
Oh, before I go on. Thanks go to Chris, who was happy enough to point out that my comments do appear to work, but no one likes me anymore… (I added that second part).

There should have been a bunch of cool pictures of Tim’s family, but guess who had both flat camera batteries & a camera who was set to underexpose by two stops!

Goofing around by the highway when I tried to take some sunset photos (also fairly sucky)

I was, however, fairly happy with my PT cruiser pic. I figured “Bugsy” hasn’t made any other real appearances on the site…


3 thoughts on “These days

  1. Can you lighten that top photo?It looks really good, just dark. It was great having you here Tim, can’t wait to see you again soon.

  2. I have left comments!!!! What has been going on? I just had a look back at all of the ones I commented on and there were no commetns registered 😦
    WE still love you and enjoy the updates!!!

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