I am pretty sure that my comments are down.
My site stats seem to say that I am still getting plenty of readers, but I haven’t had a comment in a couple of weeks! I will have to have a chat to Chris, the local guru about it.
Chris, if you are reading, in two weeks time I am on holidays, then we are totally going out for a couple of beers & that “blogfest” that we have been talking about!
Wagga Wagga was very cool. My nieces and nephews continue to be pretty darn awesome & the sadness of leaving them was tempered by the knowledge that I get to see them all in a couple of weeks time when they come up to the Hunter Valley!
The drive home was long, a little over 6 hours, but a stop-off at Krispy Kreme’s at the end of it made everything OK. When I got back to college it was time to watch “Ronin” with some of the boys, while eating a dozen doughnuts. Man, that is good times right there!
So here I am. Four weeks away from broadband access, two weeks away from holidays (though the essays I have to do will keep them from being as exciting as they should be) and only 1 week away from mission. I will try & keep everyone in the loop, but this week will involve the writing & practice of 2 sermons, 2 evangelistic talks, 1 after-school talk & lesson and a bunch of other little bits & pieces. Prayers would be appreciated from those of you who are into that sort of thing.
In the mean time, cheer me up. Write me an email! Chris tells me I should post my email address where it will get picked up by spam robots, so I will confuse them by sayign it is “tim at”.
Later gators!


6 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I tried to post a comment on your previous entry but it wouldn’t work…
    Glad to hear you had a good time with the family in Wagga, great photos as usual. All the best for the busy week ahead.

  2. Dear Tim,
    How depressed you must have been – no comments! Tried a few times but got regected … but whatever you or Chris did it works.
    Good to chat today, hope evrything went well on your “Mission”
    See you here real soon.
    Love Dad

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