Props to my homeys

I left SMBC feeling a little unloved last night. The guys that had shown interest in coming to the Belgian Beer Cafe all piked because of stresses over essays & stuff, so it was just me, driving by my lonesome to Cammeray.
Any feelings on inadequacy disappeared faster than beers at a frat-party when I rocked up & met up with Bairdy and Hanbo’s though. Being fellow vetran’s of the “Boys House”, these guys & I have a bond that can only otherwise be forged through war, or being made to watch an entire series of “Gilmore Girls” together. After love and manly hugs, came the equally manly beer. That was followed by a slightly less manly, but most definately tasty Thai dinner. The disturbing part about the Thai dinner was the very manly waitress, or is that womanly waiter? Either way, I am pretty sure it was a man, man!
The night continued back at the Belgian Beer Cafe afterwards & we were lated joined by Dancin’ Daz Man, AY & his wife Sal (Happy Birthday mate) and then Mike Way & Nick Bell made an appearance too!
Lots of laughs, lots of “Leffe” and lashings of light and fluffy french fries made it a top night. I’d love to punctuate the tale with a picture or two, but that might have to wait till I am back online upstairs.
In the mean time, here’s to you, boys (and girl) of the Belgian Beer Cafe!


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