Busy Bees and apologies

The Busy bee in me.
Camp from Friday to Sunday, N8 & Amy’s engagement party squeezed into the middle of that, leading church on Sunday night, then research this week! To top everything off, we are getting rid of the wire-free internet at college because it didn’t get great reception, and trading up to some ISDN/ADSL or some other acronimous connection. Good news because it will be twice as fast & half as expensive, bad news because it will take two weeks before we are hooked up.
That leads me to be here, sitting at my brothers house, holding my little zip disk so I can give you, dear readers, a couple of pics to hold you over till I am back online.
I could write so much more, but, this being study week, I need to devote all of my creative energy to discussions of the possibilities of Chiasms in Judges & the effects of post-Wittenberg Luther.
As usual, click for an enlarged view…

After a game of “glowstick capture the flag” I got shannyn and Geneveive to throw the glosticks in the air, while I held the lens open. This was the best of the results.

N8 & Amy. What an awesome couple! What a fun morning! What a shame I couldn’t stay for more than an hour! That will teach N8 to plan things on camp week!

What a blessing to have friends like C8! Any day when I see C8 is automatically a good one! I think N8 & Amy are going to be as cool a couple as C8 & Dan.

For the obvious child-safety reasons, these kids shall remain nameless. They were cool to hang out with at the party though.

A couch at college. Sometimes even I don’t know why I like some photos, but this one I kind of do.


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