Back in town!

So this boy is back in town!
Gosh, I don’t know where to start over the last week. How about the shorts.
* The overnight train from Krakow is supposed to be THE place to be robbed. To add to it, I was sharing a cabin with an Aussie girl called Monique who has a really bad cough. Well, not only did we have the nicest & most helpful of train guards, but even though Monique was coughing a lot, for some reason I had the best sleep I have had on a train so far!
* Prague: I was worried about finding my hostel (had to catch a Metro train & a tram) but it was nice & easy & the hostel was lots of fun, that is, once I worked past the couple in my dorm who like to have sex when other people are trying to sleep…
THe city itself was awesome, but one of the highlights for me was actually playing “Taboo” and then a drinking game called “Yehaa” for almost a whole night! (Have no fear, I was actually good at “Yehaa” so I managed to nurse one stein throughout it all).
* Heading to London: I got to Prague airport OK, but then things just became annoying. A long needless line to get my ticket, a delayed flight, another delay getting to our disembarking thing in London, then a stressful struggle to finally find Georgie meant that I was a little frazzled.
Of course, that dissipated very quickly. Georgie is a great host & her flatmates are awesome too!
* Christmas: Spent at Caius & Tara’s house, I had a really AWESOME time! Caius, Tara & their friend Durban are all really cool & we had an amazing lunch, followed by good chats, watching episodes of “the Office” and then watching a favourite movie of mine “The Royal Tennenbaums”.
* Back in Edinburgh: I got back at 9ish last night. I spent the mornign with Craig & Jonenne Petty in London, then headed out to Luton airport, before flyign back to Edinburgh, again with a late flight. Great to unpack the bags & to get settled. today I got a small shock though, cause my fave cafe appears to be closed till new years, so I am stuck visiting an internet cafe, instead of going for my usual broadband access with my laptop. DOn’t worry though, I brought a flash card with some pics.
Pictures: I will be showing them for a while. I decided to start with a couple of Venetian ones for you all.

Enjoying the flight over…

The early art I saw was not in a gallery.

The little “Rios”running through the city were both beautiful & frustrating.

One of about 5 birds in the whole of Venice which isn’t an annoying Pigeon.

The sunsets (when you could see the sun) were lovely!


3 thoughts on “Back in town!

  1. Anyone considering asking Tim over for dinner, let me put your mind at ease…he is a terrific guest!! Tim – was great to have you for Christmas! Thanks for your lovely company and conversation! Hope to see you soon.

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