Anatomy of a good stay

Nathan’s Villa Hostel didn’t have the most comfortable beds, nor did it have all of the best facilities, but that didn’t bother me a bit.
I never made it to the Jewish quarter & I just couldn’t be bothered going actually into the different parts of Wawel Castle, but it certainly didn’t spoil my fun.
What is it that makes a good time in a new city.
I am convinced that it can be something as simple as meeting a couple of nice people!
The staff at Nathan’s were awesome. When I pulled in at 7am, rather than telling me that I couldn’t check in till 2pm, they sent me straight to bed. When I had to try and make a phone call, but the directions were in Polish, they came and translated for me. Their attitude toward stuff made me feel happy & it seemed to have the same effect on everyone else there too.
Krakow is possibly my fave stop now. Auschwitz is amazing and the salt mines were cool. I did a little bit of shopping in the markets & Polish food rocks my socks (vegetables? What are vegetables?, the city itself is beautiful too, but I probably saw the least of this city that I have of any that I’ve visited so far.
Krakow is now behind me though. I got the overnight train with an Aussie called Monique. She has a really bad cough and I don’t sleep well on trains, so I was expecting a bad time, but the 8 hour journey rocked! I dozed or slept through basically all of it! It appears that the trick to my sleeping well anywhere in Europe is to have the least comfortable conditions! Works like a charm.
So I’ve made it to prague safely, I am in my hostel & trying to decide whether or not to top up my sleep till midday, or just go hit the town? Sleep is looking good.
Only one more stop in london till I get home till Edinburgh!
Only two more weeks in Edinburgh till I am back home!!!


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