I will keep the writing down to a minimum, cause I have a fair few pics to post. Lets just say that I had an awesome week, though large chunks of it didn’t go to plan. It started when I picked Georgie up from the airport. she had met a French-Canadian girl on her flight & this girl (Julie) was in Edinburgh for 5 days & didn’t know what she was going to do. Well it turns out the answer is “ditch her pre-planned accomodation & come touring with Tim & Georgie”
I got to do a fun mix of things I have seen before (Wallace Memorial, Doune Castle, Glen Coe, Edradour), which was fun because lots of places look different in the Autumn & there are lots of new things to find too, plus I got to visit a bunch of places that I haven’t been before, like Carbisdale castle and Culloden. I didn’t manage to climb Ben Nevis (both of the girls were quite fluey), but I did make it up Cairn Gorm, itself an impressive peak.
Anyway, on with the pics!

Eagerly anticipating the arrival

A lovely day to start on

The Cairns were 4000 years old!

Cool as a Castle, even better as a Hostel!

If the outside was impressive, the inside was doubly so! It literally took us 20 minutes to find our room in the maze of amazingmaze of a place!

Frosty, cloudlined triumph!

Julie, George & I enjoying a quiet pub meal to finish a fantastic four days.


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