Quick moment

Hey there people.
I will make this quick, cause I am sitting in a hostel in the Cairngorm Mountains, and I am paying �1 per 20 mins & only have 18 left. Anyway, I have been having an awesome day off. Georgie arrived OK from London & she met a French/Canadian girl on the flight called Julie, who was in Edinburgh for 5 days & didn’t know what she was going to do. Well the long & the short of it was that she ended up coming with the two of us.
We drove up to Ben Nevis (talled Mountain in Scotland, if not the UK) via the William Wallace Memorial and the Doune Castle. We didn’t end up climbing BN though, cause the two girls have a bit of a flu. Day two saw us head up to the Carbisdale Castle which was awesome, cause it is actually a Hostel. YOu have no idea how HUGE this place is. You will get pics sooner or later. On the way we got to visit Culloden, home of the last great battle on British soil. Very interesting.
TOday we came down to the Cairngorms & we climbed up most of the Cairngorm Mountain together, then Georgie & I finished it off. It was at cloud level, so windy that we had to stand on an angle to keep from being blown over & so cold that there were bits of snow all over the shop.
Tomorrow is a drive back home via the Edradour Distillery, then it is back to work tomorrow.
Anyway, I will write more about it later & will be posting pics for weeks to come for sure. In the mean time, here is your question for the day…
What is your principal motivation for what you do? No explanations or anything, I just want the answer.


8 thoughts on “Quick moment

  1. Principal motivation? Duty…. whatever, or whoever that is to. Only after fulfilling your duty can you indulge in any other motivations.

  2. Okay upon reflection…
    I hope that my overall motivation for living is God and the expression of his glory. But I realize that realistically, my motivations are broken down into so many categories, that change so often. It includes duty and responsibility and love and heck, even beer sometimes – among other things like wanting people to like me. So often it’s for attention. Or pleasure. I’m pretty selfish, in actuality. I’m thankful that God doesn’t like to keep me that way.

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