Time on & time off

Another week done. Wednesday was a 14 hour day, but now it is just history. Next week will be a killer, cause I am doing six days straight, but at the end of it I get 4 days of travelling with my mate Georgie Hale! Good times!!!
In other news, I want to know peoples opinions. Should I consider buying a fisheye lens?
Man, how short is this post!


6 thoughts on “Time on & time off

  1. What is a fish eye lens? only buy it if you (a) need it and (b) can afford it! how were the Anzac bikkies? miss you, love….

  2. They are a bit of a toy Tim. I don’t particularly like the effect and I don’t think you’d use it much. I’m not sue if you can get one but a lens that takes those extra wide angle landscape shots might be more fun as you like to take lots of landscapes.
    Love ya

  3. Hi Tim,
    Long time no comment from me.
    I tend to agree with Roger on this one – fish eye effect is a bit annoying in my opinion.
    Besides, one of the benefits of digital photography is that it is quite handy for creating wide angle shots with your standard 28mm lens. Just set up your tripod (I know you’ve got one of these!!), take multiple panning shots of the scene and stich ’em together in your whiz bang computer.
    It’s not going to give you a perfect photo, but with a brother who is talented with graphical pre press stuff, I am sure you could fool most of us amateurs! And you don’t have to spend any money.
    On a related note, what lens did you buy last time? Is it the Canon 50mm f1.4? I am looking into getting one of these. Good for people and macros….

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