Back to work

Well my weekend is over again. Back to work tomorrow, which means that there will most likely not be any posts for the next four days. That said, the guy who owns the cafe says that he is going to reboot the wifi just before he leaves each day, so that if I am lucky it will still be running at night when I come down & I can sit on the front step & type! Oh yeah, this is an awesome cafe. Pictures of it will have to come next week!
In other news, I promised I would cook ANZAC biscuits for the waiters at the Radisson, thinking that I would just have to buy all the ingredients. It also appears I have to but a baking tray, mixing bowl, measuring cups, big spoon, and a table spoon! The cost of domesticity! There will be more than one set of cookies coming out of this! Boy I love exclamation marks!


6 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. exclamation marks make everything you say more important! and more than one makes it even more important!!! hope you’ve got a recipe for Anzac bikkies Tim…. no need for a tablespoon, it’s just 2 dessertspoons or 4 teaspoons…. I’m full of cooking trivia!!!

  2. ANZAC biscuts have to be CHEWY….!!!…..
    Full stops are also great for higlighting the use of exclamation marks!
    However I think that the oringinal ANZACs would have had rock hard ones.

  3. Chewy!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry we can’t be there to share them with you!!!!
    Hope your friends at work understand the significance of the Anzac legend!!!!
    Love you, Roger

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