Campsites across the continents

Well the weekend away went very well. The travel up to Aviemore was very pretty, the kids were cool & the site itself had some cool facilities (though some pretty dangerous acitivities). Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post any of the pictures that have any of the kids in them, so you will have to settle for some pictures of stuff on the site & a local loch that we travelled to.

Bell flowers & Mushrooms

A Loch, a Mountain, an Island and a Castle.

The Castle on the Loch.

The Creek (What Scots call a “Burn”) by the house at the campsite.

Green and Gold. A little Australiana in the UK

Enjoying a cool mountain stream.


6 thoughts on “Campsites across the continents

  1. Great shots Tim. I love the picture of the castle on the loch – the colour is gorgeous. Glad to hear you had a great weekend away!

  2. Phil: I am sure that I didn’t fall over in the last shot, though everyone was waiting for me to. One of the girls on camp did fall into Loch An Eilan, then one of the guys sat in a creek for five minutes for only a pound fifty!
    One fun weekend done. One to go!

  3. Hi Tim,
    Really nice pics, have always wanted to do the moving water one but you’ve catpured all the magic yourself.

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