Weekend Away

Well I am about 10 minutes off heading out for a youth group weekend away up at Aviemore, so that means no posts for the next 48-72 hours. Have no fear though, I will be thinking about you dear readers (both of you) and when I come back I will hopefully have some lovely pics of the Cairngorm Mountains. Even better, we hope to make it back for the Fireworks night in Edinburgh on Sunday night!
Write me comments so I feel special when I get home.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Away

  1. We’ll miss you while you’re away. Toby calls you Uncle Tim now, so you can feel not only special but masculine as well.

  2. You don’t need comments to feel special Bro.
    Oh and Charlotte calls you Fshhhpsss
    We’ll be thinking about you tomorrow for the Baptism

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