A late evenings fun

Oz bar

Blue Bowl

Scotland by night


8 thoughts on “A late evenings fun

  1. I’m with Mal – nice bowl…. It’d be a good CD cover – smooth, with just a hint of what’s inside… a source of energy…. blue energy if you will…

  2. Cool shots Tim, what’s so Oz about the Oz bar can’t distinguish the beer brands but don’t look too familiar?

  3. Mal/ Andrew; The contents of the bowl is not that exciting. Certainly no “blue energy”. It is basically pot pourri.
    Mum/Dad: The beer in the Oz Bar picture is Little Creatures Pale Ale from Perth. It is the best beer in Australia! The Oz Bar also sells stull like twisties, burger rings, other Aussie beers & Milo Bars!!

  4. Twisties, yum, I could have some right now! But Milo bars, in a bar? (chocolate and beer?) – somehow doesn’t seem quite right to me.

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