Eating bird food

I’m not a nuts & seeds person, so one might wonder why I could consent to work at a place called “Parrots”. Well let me assure you. This litte avian has a VERY broad diet. Lets just say that the menu at this restaurant is so impressive that they even have an index at the beginning!
Of course, this does mean that it is a lot of work for Tim to learn, but I am sucking it all up slowly. Every dish has a code & that is what we have to write down, so it works the brain out but that is all good. I may as well cover the few bad points while I am at it. Scottish people appear to be significantly smaller than Australians, or at least they were when they made this building. The hall space is only as wide as me, and the equipment racks are cunningly placed above my eye line, but below the top of my head to ensure maximum connection with my noggin when entering or exiting the kitchen area.
One the whole though, I am enjoying the work. The people there are all fun & it is great to be working for a guy who is openly & evangelically Christian & who uses his restaurant as a tool for the gospel (not in what I would consider an offensive way. It means tracts in the bathrooms, free books in a corner & a Christian ethos to service). The best bit about the work though is that Tim gets dinners at cost price. so far I have been taking a walk down the spice trail with “Lamb Koftas” and “Chicken Tikka Massala”. Some later planned forays include a stop in Greece for a “Lamb Mousakka”, and then a tour of Briton with “Three mustard beef” then maybe a quick stop in Thailand for a “Thai green curry”. Oh the life I live!
Well it is almost 3am again, so instead of more ramblings, you will have to just live with a couple of more pics. I need some sleep. After all, tomorrow is Tri Nations!!! at 2pm Australia takes on South Africa. Truly an exciting time!
Click the pic for a bigger version.

Handprints on the bus window

You know what. I think I might just give up explaining pics!


3 thoughts on “Eating bird food

  1. Tim, Oh the joys of waiter/essing….. it’s harder than you think! and more tiring. Just a tip, a restaurant with a HUGE menu is not necessarily a good one! (sometimes it’s better to do a few things really well) – anyway, great to hear you are finally eating something other than burgers….

  2. Hi Tim, just to record the fact I cruised by. Love the photos you’re really showing some creative talent – keep it up.
    Hope we can catch up on the ‘phone soon.
    Love Roger

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