Summer Daze

I sit here infront of Scott & Jenni’s computer. The screen is bathed in the red glow of my face. Santa has put my nose on standby incase Rudolph calls in sick and the only way I will be sleeping will be if I am standing, cause none of the rest of my body wants to come into contact with anything. Even air!
This would have been the case, were I out on a speedboat for the afternoon, tube riding in Australia. Not so in the USA. It appears there continues to be this fabulous thing called “Ozone” above the US, since all the cloroflurocarbons that the Americans created decided that they prefered the more tropical climate found in the antipodes.A good four hours worth of sitting on a boat, or skimming on the tube added up to nothing more than fairly brown arms & just the faintest bit of pink on my face!
Big props to Jenni’s Grandpa, who was an awesome host. Also to Scott and Jenni themselves who prove to be excellent hosts. They have also added two of my favourite restaurants to my US tour (I have decided to stop referring to it as “fast food” and work on the more accurate name “burger joints”), being Steak’n’Shake and “Culvers”, where at the later I was introduced to the wonder that is frozen custard.
I could tell hurried stories about police rushing me away from Michaela when we were saying goodbye yesterday, or fudge-making singers yelling insults, but that may just have to wait for some other time. A little chocolate, a light piece of reading (Coqui would be glad to hear that I am half way through reading the Narnia series again) and a long sleep are my next points of order.


2 thoughts on “Summer Daze

  1. Steak and Shake – I left that place feeling 20kgs heavier and potentially unable to eat for days. Good to see you´ve had a similar experience.
    …i always thought love should be a crime!?

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