Pumpkin was lucky enough to get an invite to go & see Aladdin, so we decided that we’d head into town as a family & see what kind of trouble we could get up to.
Of course, as I looked at my blog, I realised that the kind of trouble we could get up to was the same kind of trouble that we got up to last time we headed into town!

We started off by heading to Haymarket for lunch. There were time constraints, but we managed to find a “sizzle plate” place that offered some legitimate GF options. Pumpkin got dropped off at the Capitol, and the rest of us went for a walk to visit “Daisao” which is basically a massive shop (a cross between a $2 shop & a small grocery store) full of Japanese things! Nippon candy, cool chopsticks & a couple of other bits & pieces, then we were off to the Powerhouse Museum!


We didn’t pay for the Egyptian mummy section, but we did get to play in an area that was full of “dirt” ( I think it was made out of rubber) and the kids got to dig for different “artefacts” that were hidden within it.


After that, there was a great section where the kids got to touch everything. Lots of fun light up stuff, energy ball & even the opportunity to try & power a siren using pedal power!

img_0041 img_0045 img_0051


Throw in a massive train that is inside the building, and the kids were stoked!img_0058

After that it was simply a matter of poseing with some static props on the wall, then we were done!

img_0023 img_0026Pick up the girl, eat a little ice cream & then head back home! A wonderful day & a great opportunity to make some memories for the kids!


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