It’s my day off.

I almost made it for a surf in the morning, but with some of the waves double head-height, I took a rain check & enjoyed a coffee & a chat with Aaron instead.

After a morning of cleaning the house & a little yard work, it was time for an afternoon in the city!

Shona had some errands to run, so the kids & I dropped her off & then drove to park near Mrs Macquarie’s chair. Here’s a couple of observations.

  1. $7 per hour on the weekend? I guess they charge what they can get, but that’s a bit steep!
  2. The Botanical gardens is a wonderful place to walk through with young kids. All the plants have little info tags, so I could answer some of the endless questions, and in the short period we were there we got to observe two weddings, watch a big party in the harbour, meet some Americans and get a fair bit of exercise in too! I had to keep reminding myself, however, that I didn’t need to rush from one thing to another, but I could stop & really appreciate what we were looking at with the kids. Answer all of the questions, ask some of my own, just stop & spend quality time!
  3. The view is pretty hard to beat! Half a dozen times we just stopped & looked out over the harbour. Magical on a sunny day.
    IMG_4080 IMG_4081
  4. The Art Gallery of NSW is pretty awesome: Granted, we only had 15 mins, but it was a great 15 mins. The sculptures out the front are accessible & fun (and a 30cm high curve-topped wall was a highlight for the kids who enjoyed walking from one end to the other). The outside of the gallery has 1000 different things to look at.
    Being free of charge, it was also great to hop in, have a cruise down a couple of the aisles & chat about painting, sculpture etc. with the kids. We could have spent a lot longer there, but were happy to get a taste & then head back out to meet mum.
    IMG_4086 IMG_4094 IMG_4105 IMG_4107 IMG_4111

Having picked up Shona again, it was off to the Rugby! Rugby is a very affordable special occasion with the kids: The ARU might not do much right in my eyes (why they don’t battle to have free-to-air I will just never understand!!!), but one thing they do great is make going to games an affordable option. Shona & I got 4 game memberships this year, and they only cost $70. Considering you get a hat, key ring, stickers & a lanyard, that’s not too bad! What’s even better, however, is that all four of our kids get FREE memberships!!!!! That means all SIX of us get to go to a game for a $35 a game! It’s a great atmosphere, really family friendly, and it was an added bonus that we got to enjoy the night with heaps of friends with passes too!
IMG_4118(would you believe this is the only pic we took at the Rugby!? having too much fun!)

Getting home at midnight isn’t easy when you have a big Sunday ahead of you. But it’s well worth it. With a 4 game membership, we can spread the games out & go about once a month over the season.

What a bonus to have a wonderful passage to preach on for Sunday morning (Matthew 7:1-12. Listen to the sermon here), to meet a lovely family who were looking for a new Church (so keen they came twice in the one day) and to top things off with a really encouraging Centre AGM! Weekends like this put a pep back in your step!


2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me – do you remember going to the gardens when you were a kid, with a BBQ chicken and playing on the expansive lawns? Always loved that place, so historical and beautiful.

  2. I’m reading a book at the moment (in fact I;m writing a paper on it for my Supervised Reading Unit – called Slow Church – one of the things it highlights is how busy we can get and the need to just simplify and ‘be’ the church – no need to fill the calendar with programs and meetings – get together’s – footy games – walks through the gardens – these are the great times we remember as families and these cold be the things that bring churches together and build community in the slow patient way of Jesus.

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