Time goes by

Having watched Casey Neistat use time lapse a lot, I played around with it a little myself. I was struck by how pretty it is when you can watch the clouds billowing at high speed, and when light and shade on the front drive ripples and pulses. The world at realtime is a pretty awesome place, but there is an extra level of beauty to it when time becomes a dimension that you can play around with.

Often, when we have the opportunity to look back through time, we can see that individual moments, days or years, that might have been a source of frustration, or even anger, are now seen as beautiful moments that helped shape who we are today! If only we could have the full perspective at every point!

I wonder whether Heaven, being atemporal (as I think it is) sees an extra level of beauty in creation, because whilst we, fixed in time, feel like individual dabs of paint being smudged across a canvas, in Heaven they see everything in light of the finished work of Art?


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