Maybe just one

You might love or hate most of their work, yet they can still rise above for that one cinematic masterpiece.

Will Ferrell did it with Stranger Than Fiction. Most of his movies are like fairy floss: you don’t mind consuming them too much, but you know they’re not good for you, and too much makes you feel sick. Then out comes Stranger Than Fiction and the guy absolutely nails it!

Ben Stiller is another guy that I’m not too fussed on. I’ve seen Zoolander more than once, and some of his other bits & pieces elicit an embarrassed chuckle or two, but The Secret Life of Walter Mitty looks absolutely awesome! I like the story idea, I like what cinematography I’ve seen in the trailer, and the music is spot on! Of course, I’ve been led astray by a preview before, so I’m not going to bet the bank on it, but if it turns out as good as it looks, I reckon this one could be Stillers Magnum Opus.

Why not check out the preview below & let me know what you think in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Maybe just one

  1. I’m also keen to see it. That trailer looked very good. I’ve not seen Stranger Than Fiction either, so that’s now on the list as well. Thanks! 🙂

  2. You are so right about Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell is great in it. Ben Stiller makes me feel squirmy and while this trailer looks pretty good, I’m not sure I can overcome it. I think I would watch it on DVD but not at the cinema. I might try reading the book…..

  3. Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favorite movies! The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, looks like it will be a worthwhile watch; I loved the imagery in the trailer. I had no idea they were remaking the movie.

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