Hand Made – Cigars

I have vivid memories of going to a cigar bar with an old Bible study leader. Nowadays I’m less inclined, even after the birth of kids (the traditional cigar moment!) to have one. I can’t get over the cancer aspect. But I’m not against other people smoking them if they choose.

I LOVE the video though. I’m coming to appreciate that I’m a bit of a classical romantic (as in the era, not buying roses), so I just love the story that goes with a video like this.

What if Church felt more like this? What if people had more of a sense of being “real” when they came together in worship?


One thought on “Hand Made – Cigars

  1. That would be my ideal of a church – somewhere where yo cold go and talk about life and be real with one another – and smoke a cigar if you wanted! I actually do love a good stogie – its been years since I had one. There was a while there where I was organising a regular mens Poker night – we’d sit around, play poker, drink good whisky and talk..me talk..no women allowed. IT was great – now i need to organise another one..you’re invited Tim!

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