The Zoo

My house is sometimes like a zoo. Lots of little kids running around like wild animals.

I realise how blessed I am that all four of my kids have been great when it comes to travel! No one wants a zoo in a small vehicle….

6 odd hours of travel to Dubbo. The twins were like little angels the whole way, and the only peep we had out of the big kids was when Playschool ran out on their little DVD player.

My parents were kind enough to travel up from the Hunter also, meaning Shona & I got to go out to dinner for the first time since the twins were born.

Two Doors Cafe got some great reviews online, still, I’ll be honest & say I wasn’t expecting too much. It was fantastic!

Two Doors Cafe is a tapas style place. I wish I had taken a picture of the entrance, literally two little doors, opening to a staircase taking you to a lovely paved yard behind a building. We sat down & ordered a bunch of dishes.
The Bread knots were passable & the summer chicken salad was nice without being something to write home again. The Chorizo cooked in cider, however, was the best Chorizo I have ever had! Likewise the pork belly would bring a tear to a glass eye, even with the pickled nectarine (I’ve never been a fruit with meat kinda guy). Salt & Pepper squid was a nice way to round off mains. Their salted caramel tart was the only letdown, but it was forgotten once we had the Churros.

It wasn’t the best night in terms of diet, but it was nice to let go just once!

The lovely night’s food gave us lots of energy for Western Plains Zoo the next day We hired a bike with a little two seat trailer for the big kids. The parents, Shona & the twinnies walked around the (almost 6km) circuit.

There are lots of things to love about the WPZ. I’ll let a couple of pictures tell the story though.

Shona playing around with the bike set-up

Ready to go!

You feel like you could walk up & touch the animals at most exhibits!

Great to see animals with heaps of room!

We almost missed this dude. He was literally under us as we stared into his enclosure.

It’s great to see the kids enjoying time with “Mama”

We weren’t the only family at the zoo….

Next time, Coonamble & the wedding!


4 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like such fun. Our kids get to go as a year 4 excursion but we have never been as a family. I am looking forward to Coonamble and wedding pics šŸ™‚

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